Change Your Life With FREE Blogging Course by John Sonmez

This blog would not be possible if I didn’t discover Simple Programmer.

The founder of Simple Programmer is John Sonmez:

john sonmez
John Sonmez

He is a software developer, author, blogger and many more. You can know more about him here.

In Simple Programmer, he talks about how to market yourself as a software developer, specialization, productivity, etc. He talks more about soft skills and passionate in making the complex simple.

He has a 3-week blogging course to help boost the careers of programmers. I immediately signed up to his course. I got two emails from him every week. He will teach you how to setup your blog, choosing a theme for you blog, tells you the secret for a successful blog, get some traffic to your blog and of course how blog will boost your career. The best thing is, it’s FREE.

As a student, this blog is really a stepping stone for me. I learned that to master something you need to teach it. And one way to teach it is by starting a blog. The really challenge for me here is to be consistent writing quality blog posts.

Whether you’re a programmer or not, I encourage you to join John’s free blogging course. If you ignore it, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life! I’m not kidding! Read this — 12 Reasons You Should Start Blog Today

Sign up now! And come along with me changing our lives. 


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