A Book Every Programmer/Developer SHOULD Read


In software development, a common mistake especially for beginners(like me), they often write messy and unmaintainable code. And that is because they don’t know the best and proper practices in software development. I am a strong believer of the quote saying,

“Learning from your own mistakes is wise but learning from others mistakes is wiser”.

One way of learning from others mistake is by reading books from the great programmers and authors who had gone many years of experience dealing mistakes.

The book Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftmanship change the way of writing and organizing my code. It changed the way how I named my variables, the way I wrote methods and the way how I structured my code.

So if you haven’t read the book, read the book now and change the way you code. It won’t make you better at any programming language but it will definitely make you a better programmer and clean coder.


7 thoughts on “A Book Every Programmer/Developer SHOULD Read

  1. This book is very valuable, but in my experience I learned that it takes much more to practice best practices in programming. Definitely you have to read this book to improve. My observations tell me that often you need a programming authority for the young apprentice, so he will stay on the light side of clean coding. Without it, he can often say “Eh, what’s the point, I can do it my way”.

    Also, making your own mistakes isn’t that bad if you learn from them 🙂 But making them over and over again is definitely a bad sign 🙂

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  2. Clean Code is canon for software developers as far as I’m concerned. I agree with you and Mariusz that practice is the best way to improve your coding skills. However, supplementing your practice with the wisdom of experienced developers (in the form of books, mentors, etc.) is indispensable.

    “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”
    –Vince Lombardi

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