Why I created this blog?


One of my habits is reading a blog especially John Sonmez’s blogI discover his blog when I was searching for an interesting article in Java Code Geeks last year. While scrolling, I got an interesting article from him entitled Your Worst Enemy is Yourself. The article was about conquering your own self and self discipline. It was best article I’ve read so far ( I highly recommend everyone should read it). After being impressed by his article, I started subscribing and following to John’s blog, reading new posts and watching videos.

I have really learned a lot from John Sonmez especially about productivity and specialization.

Why I created this blog? First, I was influenced by him. I want to help aspiring programmers by sharing my knowledge about software development more specifically about Java technologies and OOP in general.

Finally, as a student I want to build a reputation or name in the software development industry someday. I think this blog could be a great start.


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